Hi, my name is Joy and I am ‘une femme d’un certain âge’ as the French would say. My children are grown up, so my husband and I are empty nesters. Before I married I was a teacher of 7-11 year olds. I have also been trained as a food taster, been a teacher of Food Technology, taught adults to cook, been an exam invigilator and taught children’s French clubs, among other things. My husband and I have been living and working in the Champagne area of France or over 10 years. We both work as English teachers and I like trying my hand at writing about the things I observe. I have become  interested in in the history of WW1 as my great-uncle died on the Somme. Also Reims was on the front line for 4 years between 1914-18. I have written 3 self-published books. The first is a guide to the A26 autoroute between Calais and Troyes. The brown tourist signs are in French even though the name of the road is ‘Le Autoroute des Anglais’. I spent many hours listing these signs then finding out what each represented.

‘The Brown Signs What Do They Mean?” – Autoroute des Anglais A26 Calais -Troyes

My second book is about the life of my great-uncle. My brother had researched the family history, but I wanted to find out what soldiers wore, ate and how they lived.

He fought Gallipoli and died on the Somme: George Tinsley Loveley of Boston Lincs.

My third book is a result of my efforts to learn French. If I can find a link with a word I know, then I find that I can remember that word more easily.

“What’s French for Baguette?” Learn over 350 French words without even trying.”

We moved to France to help a small protestant church, and I now run a church teashop 2 days a week.