A while back I got in contact with a guy called Mark Hendley who does tours of the British Museum called ‘The Stones Cry Out…’ showing that the Bible is backed by archeology. We booked a tour that started at 11am and finished at 4pm. Starting with the Sumerian civilisation  of Abraham, Sarah and Lot then the Egypt of Joseph and the Hebrew slaves, Babylonian gates of bronze, Assyrian artefacts, Jericho and its fall,  Persia and the drinking dishes used by the king in the time of Daniel and Nehemiah, through to the Persians and Greeks. The highlight for Graham was the many well preserved clay tablets with tiny, neat  cuniform writing. The library of a Babylonian king was destroyed by a fire so intense that these were all baked solid and have survived the centuries. I wanted to know about Canaanite pagan gods and  how they were worshipped. When large clay pots are found that contain the burnt bones of many small children and babies, we can understand that these people made their children ‘pass thorough fire’ as sacrifices.

Have you ever seen ‘The Longest Day’ about the Normandy landings in June 1944. One of the characters was the meteorologist James Stagg. He had to hold firm and defy the Americans whose meteorologist said that the weather would be good on the Monday. Stagg predicted storms and poor visibility. There is now a West End play called ‘Pressure’ that tells the story. Apparently, Stagg’s wife was expecting their second child and had had serious complications with the first delivery due to high blood pressure. The two themes were intertwined. There were humorous moments too and it is well worth seeing.

Next door is the Saint Martin’s Theatre showing the longest running piece of theatre ever – Agatha Christie’s ‘The Mousetrap’ which has been playing for  65 years since 1952. We saw it 30 years ago and it shows no sign of coming to and end.

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