Liquid bleach,  ‘Eau de Javel’ was first manufactured in the Javel district west of Paris. French people seem to use it for anything that needs cleaning. When I burnt food onto a saucepan, I was advised that ‘Eau de Javel’ would get it off. As undiluted bleach can burn a hole in stainless steel, I thought it best to ignore this advice. When a white garment gets stained, Eau de Javel seems the obvious solution. However, the slightest splash on a coloured garment leaves a pale spot. ‘Je vois que tu as utilisé de l’eau de Javel cette semaine’ = ‘Been using bleach again, I see?’, could be a useful phrase in your French vocabulary. Since living in France, I have managed to get bleached spots on at least 2 garments.


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