Just before moving to France, I was a frequent stall holder at a local car boot sale. No such thing exists in France. They are illegal. However, every town and village has the right to organise an annual Brocante. The alternative name is a Vide-grenier as it gives everyone the opportunity, once a year to ‘empty’ their ‘attic’. By typing ‘Vide-Greniers’ into a search engine, you can find your department and up comes a list of every brocante that is happening in your area the next Sunday. Prices for a table are very reasonable, usually less than 10€ for 3 metres. The downside is that they start at unearthly hours on a Sunday morning. For a start at 8 o’clock, people have to get up at the crack of dawn! There are sometimes surprising finds. Friends saw a hamster cage on sale and upon closer examination found that it came complete with a hamster! They couldn’t let the poor creature sit in the sun all day, so they bought it as an act of kindness.


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