One of the famous quotes from General De Gaulle is, ‘How can you govern a country which has two hundred and forty-six varieties of cheese?’ Britain produces over 700 different varieties! Fancy that! The UK beats France on cheese! I find it irritating that packaged French cheese almost always comes with a piece of rind. When you see pictures of cheese being produced and the rounds being wheeled across factory floors, I wonder if the skin is suitable to eat. Why do I have to pay for a piece of  cheese that I need throw away? Some cheeses are coated in ash. I want to know exactly what was burnt before I eat that part! I have learnt many interesting things from my students such as, in high society, the cheese board goes round the table only once. You should take what you want at that moment, because it is bad manners to ask for its return. French etiquette dictates that if the cheese shape is a triangle, you should cut it so that what remains is still triangular. The crust and the interior have different tastes, so it is impolite to cut across the point and take all the creamy part. Now you know!

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