In the UK, we feel it is our right to have 2 children in order to replace ourselves on the planet, but to have 3 is greedy and selfish as it will cause a population explosion. In France, having three children is far more thee norm. Firstly, your tax bill is divided by the number of children you have. Some people have managed to live quite comfortably off the child benefit from a large family, plus never paying any tax. Secondly, historically France has felt threatened by Germany and has tried to make sure that they are equal in terms of population. If another war happened France would like to win! Thirdly, as soon as you have three children, you are officially a‘famille nombreuse’.Then you can apply for an official card and get reductions wherever you go. SNCF (French railways) give discounts of up to 75%, lesser savings can be had in supermarkets, clothes shops and restaurants. If you raise enough children, you can claim a silver medal (Médaille d’argent)for 6 or 7 but a gold medal (Médaille d’or) awaits those who produce 8 children or more! I recently learnt that upon retirement, people with three or more children get 10% extra in their pension. Little girls seem to be more girly in France, they giggle and squeal and wear skirts and dresses and ribbons in their hair for much longer than British girls.


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