Day 4. Do not believe comments on Trip Advisor!

I had learnt that the National Army Museum in Chelsea housed the bones of Napoleon’s last horse. Someone had commented on social media that the museum could be visited in an hour. What a travesty! The displays were well put together and thought provoking. Many exhibits were interactive making them interesting for children and adults alike. There was humour too.


My interest in plants was fed by an activity to make insect repellant from well-known herbs. I mixed shea butter with tansy and came away with a sample of cream to be tested against mosquitos at my leisure.


Marengo was looking a bit long in the tooth, but his bones were over 200 years old! He survived the battle of Waterloo and was brought back to England and died at the ripe old age of 34.

We could have spent a lot more time there but had an evening appointment at Lord’s to watch a game of cricket. Me? Cricket? Really? A match that only lasted 3 hours sounded acceptable. As I wrote to my daughter, I discovered many reasons to enjoy after work matches. 1) The lady’s toilets have no queues, 2) The ground is mostly filled with young business men, 3) The 6’s are celebrated by bursts of flame throwers and music, 4) There is a roving presenter who gives hampers to random spectators, 5) Picnics can include alcoholic beverages.

I would even go again!




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