Surprisingly there is a lot of New Zealand lamb on sale in France. Here is a fascinating little story for you which explains why.  In 1985, the Greenpeace ship Rainbow Warrior was in a New Zealand Harbour waiting to go and protest in the Pacific against French nuclear tests. French special agents were sent to sabotage the boat. Two bombs were placed aboard, one small one designed to not do a lot of damage but only to make people get off. Another more powerful bomb would explode a few minutes later that would sink the boat. Unfortunately, a Portuguese photographer returned to his cabin to fetch his expensive camera and was trapped and drowned in the second explosion. The French agents were soon caught. France had to pay compensation to New Zealand and Greenpeace. As part of the deal a certain quantity of New Zealand lamb is allowed into France each year without having to pay import duties or taxes. French lamb is mostly indoor raised. It never sees daylight nor runs on grass. Indoor rearing means antibiotics are regularly used. So, if you want free range lamb look for a NZ label. Lamb is traditionally eaten with pale green flageolet beans that have been dried and soaked. Mint sauce and roast potatoes would raise eyebrows.

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