When we lived in the UK, it was a pleasure to hear the letters dropping onto the front door mat in the morning. Unless you live in a town house whose door opens onto the street, you will not have the excitement of hearing that noise in France. Blocks of flats have everyone’s letterboxes in the entrance hall. French letter boxes are usually placed at the edge of the property. A day in your pyjamas is not possible if you want to check your mail. The postman possesses a key to everyone’s boxes so parcels can be left in it. He only comes to the door if a letter needs signing for. Comparing the distance walked between French postal workers and British posties, the Brits walk further. Previous postmen used to ride a motor scooter along the pavement. Now, he/she arrives in an electric vehicle. So, I think the British postal worker deserves the Christmas Box! (See CALENDARS)

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