Where does Dijon mustard come from? If you go to Dijon, there are picturesque villages and lots of vines producing plenty of Burgundy wines. The region is also famous for crème de cassis, which comes from blackcurrant bushes. Where are the tell-tale yellow fields of mustard? You will have to have good eyesight because 90% of the mustard seeds come from Canada! So why is Dijon famous for mustard? In 1856 someone from Dijon substituted the vinegar in a mustard recipe for grape juice from not-quite ripe grapes, so really it should be called ‘mustard made to the Dijon recipe’. As a native of East Anglia, I recommend Coleman’s mustard, which is grown by farmers in Norfolk, Cambridgeshire and Lincolnshire. Coleman’s English mustard is what it says on the jar! At least the countryside around Reims is an agricultural region and there are efforts being made to grow local mustard to ensure that Reims Mustard is not also a misnomer.


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