Who would think of parking on a roundabout? However, many French roundabouts have shaded areas where you can park! They are the favourite places for police cars to wait while checking that every vehicle that passes has a valid insurance sticker on display. If not, you get pulled over and get to park on the roundabout as well! There is one roundabout in our city where traffic already on it, has to stop to let cars enter from the feeder roads, the same as happens at the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. Now there are traffic lights to confirm who has priority. The first time we drove on this anomaly, we nearly had an accident, and a heart attack, when a lady driver shot out in front of us from the road on the right! That is why there are signs at the majority of roundabouts to warn you that you do not have priority. Be careful of those that do not say this! Did you know France has more roundabouts than any other country?

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