In the UK being a vegetarian, vegan or wanting gluten free foods is now catered for in most restaurants. France has passed a law that says that restaurants must provide a list of allergens. We were encouraged to see that Dominos Pizzas now offer a gluten free option in the UK, nevertheless their French branches do not do so at the time of writing. It is very difficult to find information on restaurant websites too. I once went to eat in an up-market restaurant and asked if they had any ‘plats sans gluten’. The waiter was nonplussed and blurted out, ‘the mashed potato has no gluten’ and left! Was I supposed to order mashed potato for starter, mashed potato for the main course and mashed potato for dessert? At one of my classes, students wanted to look at the language of recipes and cooking. I took along a recipe for Carrot, Leek and Potato Pie, which is one of my husband’s favourites. One lady read it and asked, “Where is the meat?” I said that it was vegetarian and delicious. She told us that her husband would have asked the same question if she served something like that at home. A meal is not a meal without meat in France!

2 thoughts on “SPECIAL DIETS

  1. PLATS SANS GLUTEN, not plates.
    French cuisine is the best and most varied in the world. To appreciate the cuisine, you should be open to all kinds of food, which means including animal products.


    1. Hello Christine, Thank-you for alerting me to that error. I know that ‘plats’ is the correct spelling but often autocorrect leaps in to change things – which really irritates me, specially as I thought I had proof read it! So thank-you for that. I am happy to eat animal products if the animal has had a good life. We often buy venison, kangaroo or wild boar when we see these meats in Aldi or Lidl. However, we rarely eat pork after seeing the cramped, indoor, industrial conditions in which most pigs are kept and the cruel way they have their tails docked and how they undergo castration without any anaesthesia. We like to buy organic in the hope and belief that the animals have been well treated, otherwise we would rather eat vegetarian dishes. Have a good weekend, we have had a few snow flakes falling here.


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