When you go to the hairdresser’s in France, they always give your head a slow massage during the shampooing. It is incredibly relaxing, but why they do it, I don’t know. It is also difficult to keep your hair on your head. I used to hold up my fingers to indicate the amount that I wanted to have cut off – usually 2 centimetres. After cutting with scissors, then the thinning shears, and then a further trim with a razor, I was usually left with very short hair! I expressed my frustration to a friend who explained that the hairdresser presumed that my 2 centimetres was all I wanted left! According to Elle magazine it’s something that frequently happens. “Vous aviez bien dit « juste les pointes » à votre coiffeur, mais il y a eu un regrettable souci de compréhension entre vous. – “You certainly asked for, ‘just the ends’ but sadly there was a lack of understanding between you”. The article went on to recommend using ginger juice on the scalp to encourage quicker hair growth!

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