Hunting on foot is very popular. It is often the way to progress in your job. It is like joining the outdoor activity branch of a Masonic lodge.  Wild boars are a nuisance and can destroy a lot of crops in a short time. Farmers can claim money from local hunts if deer and wild boar are not kept under control. However, I didn’t expect to see posters advertising a Hunting Exhibition to feature two small boys in their waxed jackets – an image that would cause an uproar in the UK. I can remember the fuss that was made when Prince Charles took William and Harry out just to watch hunting. Hunting toys are on sale like ‘Tir au Pigeon’ = ‘Shoot a pigeon’ or its variant ‘Tir aux canards’ = ‘Shoot at ducks’. On the other hand, I would like to visit the ‘Musée de la Chasse et la Nature’ -The Museum of Hunting and Nature, in Paris, which is housed in two old residential houses, it has over 9,000 works of art to look at.

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